Who is Sidney?  Sid Kipper is, depending on who you ask, “The folk world’s comic genius”, “Norfolk’s redoubtable folk hero”, and “A visionary/warbler from Trunch”.  He is the funniest man in Norfolk and the folk scene’s finest humourist.  

What does he do?  Over the last decade or so Sid has developed into something of a one-man industry.  He writes, records, broadcasts, tells stories, sings, acts, and plays a bewildering array of equally bewildering instruments.  He has released six albums, published five books, and written and presented two series for Radio 2.  He even had a cameo role in the BBC TV production of David Copperfield.

How does he do it?  Above all, Sid is a live performer of the highest quality.  He has a presence and a style which command attention.  He owns a rich mix of stories and songs which entertain and delight audiences until they are willing to eat out of his hand (which he always washes beforehand).  Now he has woven some of these into full-length shows which take audiences on a journey through space or time.

What’s his secret?  It is the essential truthfulness which underlies all of the jokes, the flights of fancy, the improbable yarns and incredible songs.  Perhaps his village wasn’t really the first winner of the Worst Kept Village Competition.  Perhaps Boadikippa, queen of the Iceni, isn’t actually his ancestress.  Perhaps Vaughan Williams didn’t steal his folk song.  But, while Sid is on stage, it was, she is, and he did.

So what is Sid?  He is very funny, and he stands up – but he’s not just a stand-up comedian.  He tells engrossing and hilarious stories – but he’s not just a story teller.  He sings and plays surreal songs – but he’s not just a singer.  Maybe he’s a phenomenon.  A force of nature perhaps.  Or even an Act of Cod.

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Sid Kipper tours nationally, offering a variety of shows.  He is backed by this website, an extensive mailing list and regular press releases.