Shows available from Sid Kipper

Country Cod Pieces – in which Sid takes the audience for a tour of his native village of St Just-near-Trunch, in deepest Norfolk. From the village hall to the Old Goat Inn he illustrates the various sights with stories, songs and anecdotes.

Parish Pump Show – is designed mainly for village halls. It consists of the cream of Sid’s rural repertoire, including such old favourites as ‘Gobblers In The Garden’ and ‘We Did It Sideways’, with a few new items thrown in.

Vaughan Williams Stole My Folk Song – all you ever wanted to ask about folk music but were afraid to know. The low-down on ‘folk song correctors’, ‘sinner-songwriters’, plus Sid’s personal tutorial on ‘how to do folk singing’.

Cod and Ships – come for a cruise round the Norfolk coast, from Hopton in the south to Kings Lynn in the west, via the nudist beach at Holkham. Learn about ‘The Sirens of Scroby Sands’, ‘Robinson Caruso’, and ‘The Shoals of Whiting’. Waterproofs are optional.

Christmas Cod Pieces – a feast of festive fun, as Sid describes the Christmas season in his own little village, with its blooming flower beds, blasted heath, dammed streams, and ruddy duck pond. See and hear the Norfolk Small Organ and the Trunch Blow Pipes. And have a very merry Christmas.

An Evening Without George Kipper – is not just a show. It’s a campaign to ‘Free The Trunch One!’ The one in question is Sid’s uncle George, currently rotting in jail. See the 20th century through George’s eyes, featuring songs, such as ‘We’re Norfolk and Good’, ‘Grey Is The Colour’, and ‘The Illiterate’s Alphabet’.

Kipper Fillets – songs from the shows, plus . Sid serves up samples of his various productions, plus excursions into morris dance, thicknomusicology, and the difficulties of explaining that adult stories aren’t necessarily, you know, Adult stories. The only thing he doesn’t try is incest.