Kipper Quotes


“The deadpan stories were brilliant.”  (Rock’n’Reel)

  “Brilliant stage show and hilarious anecdotes.”  (Rogue Folk, Canada)

“Sid Kipper achieved the hitherto unthinkable by persuading a normally reserved audience to sing.  Sid’s tales of rural life would have had us rolling in the aisles had there been any.  This is just the stuff successful festivals are built upon.”  (Shetland Times)

  “Best taken with a grain of salt.”  (Radio Times)

  “Despite the volume of the applause and cries of ‘More’, Sid finally came to an exhausted halt.”  (Daily Telegraph)

“The folk world’s comic genius.”  (Sidmouth International Festival)

“Sid’s unrepentant daftness and impressive lateral thinking would make Edward de Bono smile.”  (Huddersfield Examiner)

“Laughter is good for our health and so is Sid Kipper.  He has the eye of a conservationist and the wit of a traditional stand-up comic – a wonderful combination.”  (Robin Page)

“Norfolk’s redoubtable folk hero …… inimitable style and irreverent humour.”  (‘Literary Norfolk’, Chapter 6 Publishing)

“Word-wangler, musician, and stand-up extraordinaire, Sid Kipper makes life a laugh by holding it up to the mirror of his own imaginings.” (Matt Holland, Swindon Festival of Literature)

“A revelation clearly appreciated by the audience.  Overall this was a two-hour delight.”  (Eastern Evening News)

“Rural humour that spreads all over.”  (The Stage)

“This is not the self-effacing slow-wittery of past Norfolk stars like Allan Smethurst nor are there any country boy stories borrowed from Jethro.  Sid Kipper produces his own brilliant amusing stuff.  Sid is the rural equivalent of a city slicker.  An in-your-face humorist who takes the Norfolk wit and dialect and, after juggling with it, weaves it into surreal stories whose foundation is still Norfolk but not as we know it.”  (North Norfolk News)

“Comic timing to savour – complete realisation of a character quite as convincing as Sir Les Patterson.”  (The Living Tradition)

“Sid Kipper is one of those rare breeds of comedians, in that he’s funny in so many different ways.  This rural humour ……… invites comparisons to Jethro.  But while Jethro relies on his yokel act, Sid Kipper is funnier in many more ways”.  (Wilts and Glos Standard)

“Sid Kipper is attracting deserved rations of adoration, as he continues to ask fresh followers where they’ve been this last decade or so.”  (Keith Skipper, Eastern Daily Press)

“He creates a totally absurd, yet believable world of unforgettable characters and strange customs.  His skills in language and story telling are tremendous, with subtle laughs in every line.  His throwaway phrases and marvellous parodies of songs you think you know make a perfect tonic.”  (Village Voice, Devon)

“If anything in Sunday’s concert was difficult to contain it was the fantasy landscape of Sid Kipper’s portable Norfolk.  It goes everywhere with him, and he takes any audience deep into it.  The coolest of cool performers, his droll patter leads us through both stories and songs; we were left reeling.”  (Wharfedale Observer, 2003)

“”I expected cod Norfolk laying-it-on-thick country bumpkin stuff from Sid Kipper.  He turned out to be hilarious, and very strange.  Think League of Gentlemen.  He was also a complete pro, continuing his act when the electricity generator failed, launching into a ghost story in a deep booming voice that made the concert feel all Victorian.”  (BBC Oxford)

“Deft and subtle artistry”  (Wikipedia (online encyclopedia))

“Too often performers are described as hilarious when they are not, but Sid Kipper is the real deal.  A genuine one-off, Sid is part folk singer, part stand-up comic, and also manages to write books, radio series and act – all of it very well indeed.”  (Surrey Advertiser)

“Sid Kipper’s irreverent look at rural life tells how it really is.  Fusing hard-nosed and irreverent contemporary commentary with his dry and sardonic wit, there’s no room for any soft nostalgia on country living in Kipper’s barrage of humour.  (Cornish Guardian)

“An evening of sheer, unadulterated hilarious silliness.  Anybody who failed to make it to the gig should count themselves very disappointed indeed as it was a delight from start to finish.”  (Surrey Advertiser)

“The icon.”  (Morris Matters)

“”A kind of vision you [of England] you can’t readily get from the works of say Dickens or Shakespeare or Elgar or Sir Christopher Wren”  (Folk on Tap)

“Like listening to stories while toasting marshmallows round a bonfire, occasionally joining in a rousing chorus”.  (Grimsby Telegraph)